Northwest Regional Healthcare Coalition Spotlight

August, 2019

What is a Healthcare Coalition?

The Northwest Regional Healthcare Coalition (NWRHCC) is the Northwest Region’s emergency preparedness planning group, is responsible for the development of a regional healthcare emergency response system. It also establishes a regional emergency preparedness infrastructure for healthcare institutions in the region. The Coalition fosters collaborative and aggressive planning efforts between the medical care facilities and local emergency response agencies.


The Coalition is made up of members from Hospitals, Long-Term-Care facilities, Local Public Health Districts, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, and other healthcare organizations. The coalition works collaboratively to plan for, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made disasters that result in health emergencies. 

Why Join a Healthcare Coalition?

Why not?! It is an added level of assurance that in case of an emergency or incident your health care organization can function effectively before, during and after a crisis. If you are interested in joining the NWRHCC please contact one of our staff members @

In addition, the NWRHCC provides numerous trainings and exercises throughout the year, as well as networking options through their various workgroups, and regional/national conferences for educational opportunities.


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