Northwest Regional Healthcare Coalition Spotlight

May, 2019

The Northwest Regional Healthcare Coalition (NWRHCC) has selected the 2019 Annual Exercise for the June Spotlight. The NWRHCC Cyper attack Tabletop Exercise was an in person voluntary event held in Bridgewater, Virginia.

“Operation Swordfish” took place on Thursday, May 9th @ 9am at the Bridgewater Fire & Rescue Center. Players were seated by their facility type and discussed response procedures, current plans, and insights derived from training.

Intended Audience: All healthcare coalition members including, but not limited to, healthcare facilities and healthcare organizations, public health, EMS, and emergency management. Specifically, staff responsible for information technology (IT) are requested to be in attendance to better speak to exercise questions regarding IT.

There were 59 individuals from hospitals, long term care facilities, home health agencies, hospices organizations, dialysis facilities, local health departments, emergency management services, regional coalition staff.

The exercise consists of three modules: Module 1: Cyber Threat, Module 2: Cyber Attack, and Module 3: Fallout.

The facilitator utilized video training materials to introduce the problem and update at the beginning of each Module. In addition, the facilitator let the groups through questions and issues to consider and finally a SitRep was drafted and distributed for each participating facility to review post-exercise at their locale.

For more information on upcoming Trainings & Exercise or questions on your facilities readiness in case of an emergency, please visit the Northwest Regional Healthcare Coalition’s website Calendar of Events at or contact the NWRHCC staff.

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