The list of examples can be used by all healthcare organizations. Additionally, there are healthcare organization specific examples as you scroll down the page making it easy for users to find specific information.

Emergency Management Healthcare Environment Post-Disaster Checklist

Risk Assessment Tool

Active Shooter Procedure Template

Incorporating Active Shooter Incident Planning into Healthcare Facility EOPs

Kaiser Permanente’s Revised HVA for 2017

Post Disaster Recovery Planning Considerations

Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Toolbox

Crisis Standards of Care: A Systems Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response

Examples of Generator Fuel Usage Estimation Calculator

Quick Generator Fuel Usage Estimation

Continuity of Operations and Recovery Planning for Healthcare

Doing Business During an Influenza Pandemic: Human Resource Policies, Protocols, Templates, Tools, & Tips

Business Continuity Plan Template and Instructions

Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism (Whole Community)

Disaster Planning Toolkit for Special Needs and the Elderly June 2013

Sample Lockdown Policy #1

Sample Lockdown Policy #

Community Response and Media Management for No-Notice Events

Emergency Water Supply Planning Guide for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities 2019-508


Long Term Care Job Action Sheets (Can be modified for other healthcare facilities)

Incident Commander Job Action Sheet 

Liaison Officer Job Action Sheet

Public Information Officer Job Action Sheet

Safety & Security Officer Job Action Sheet 

Operations Section Chief Job Action Sheet

Planning Section Chief Job Action Sheet 

Logistics Section Chief Job Action Sheet

Finance & Admin Section Chief Job Action Sheet



Hospital Evacuation Plan Template

Hospital Continuity Program Checklist

Hospital Continuity Planning Toolkit (Example)

Expanding Traditional Roles to Address Patient Surge for No-Notice Events

Family Assistance for No-Notice Events

Fatality Management for No-Notice Events

Triage, Intake, and Throughput for No-Notice Events

Non-Trauma Hospital Considerations for No-Notice Events

Trauma Surgery Adaptations and Lessons for No-Notice Events

Trauma System Considerations for No-Notice Events


Long Term Care

Long Term Care Evacuation Checklist

Long Term Care, Nursing Home and Skilled Nursing Facilities Workbook

Continuity of Operations Plan Template for Long Term Care



Dialysis Workbook

Dialysis Facility Disaster Plan Checklist

Emergency Preparedness for People with Kidney Disease

CDC Guidance – Dialysis during a boil water advisory

Disaster Preparedness: A Guide for Chronic Dialysis Facilities by CMS


Home Health/Hospice

Hospice Evacuation Plan Format

Hospice Workbook



Rural Health Clinic Workbook

Federally Qualified Health Center Workbook

ASPR TRACIE Technical Assistance Primary Care Clinic dated May 15, 2018


Other Healthcare Facilities

Disaster Planning Handbook for Behavioral Health Treatment Programs

Rehabilitation Agencies, Outpatient Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology Services Workbook

Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Workbook

Ambulatory Surgical Center Workbook