NW Region Healthcare Coalition

The Northwest Region Healthcare Coalition, which is the Northwest Region’s emergency preparedness planning group, is responsible for the development of a regional healthcare emergency response system. It also establishes a regional emergency preparedness infrastructure for healthcare institutions in the Northwest Virginia Healthcare region. The Coalition fosters collaborative and aggressive planning efforts between the medical care facilities and local emergency response agencies.

The Northwest Region Healthcare Coalition is made up of members from Hospitals,      Long-Term-Care facilities, Local Public Health Districts, Emergency Management,                                                                                                      Emergency Medical Services, and other healthcare organizations. The coalition works                                                                                   collaboratively to plan for, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made                                                                                       disasters that result in health emergencies.



The information found on this website is gathered from local, state, and federal agencies or companies which are either in partnership with the Northwest Region Healthcare Coalition or involved in emergency preparedness as required by their respective governing body. The Northwest Region Healthcare Coalition does not endorse any company or agency, its products, or its comments. The information is provided in an effort to assist the viewers to become better prepared as strongly encouraged by the Hospital Preparedness Program. The information gathered and posted on this website is provided to the Northwest Region Healthcare Coalition and is in no way intentionally or unintentionally misrepresented.